Corner Kitchen

South Southern

Tucked into a quiet corner of Biltmore Village, in one of Richard Sharpe Smith's original cottages, is one of Asheville's most surprising restaurants.


Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner


Appalachian Grown
Serves Beer & Wine

Local Buzz

Amy 8/9/2013
Amazing food always... something unique to this restaurant is their dessert souffles.... flavors change based on what's in season and they are prepared as they are ordered so they take a little longer, but they're amazing! each comes with 2 different 'sauces' that you pour into or on the souffle... we've had a blueberry souffle that was served with a warm lemon curd and fresh blueberry sauce. Not too sweet and surprisingly light.
It's a restaurant in a older house so it has a nice atmosphere, and you have to make reservations, in advance, as it's a popular spot in Biltmore.
I also recommend the Cucumber Sage Martini !!

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