Creekside Taphouse

East Barbecue

We are slinging BBQ on the Eastside! We have a full menu, 21 taps of craft beer goodness, a huge outdoor dining area with a sand volleyball court and a kids play area. Check us out!!


Voted best wings in Asheville!


Lunch, Dinner, Late-night


Regular Entertainment Spot
Full Bar

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Pat 8/13/2013
Love this place!!! Taco tuesdays are the best--$1.50 for a pulled pork taco. Fun outside area to meet friends.
John Kelleher 8/8/2013
In a town full of admirable barbeque places, it is really hard to stand out from the crowd. So as I sauntered into the Creekside Taphouse one rainy evening, the friendly, spacious atmosphere made me smile. However, I had no idea that I would be screaming the word “Eureka!” inside my head as soon as I encountered the dish that I reluctantly ordered. I’m sorry for being so dramatic, but there is a reason, and a story, for this.

For I had been on a quest, a casual journey you may say, to find Brunswick Stew prepared the way it is supposed to be made. Brunswick Stew has roots that go back to deep south Georgia in a place called Brunswick. My family is from deep south Georgia and I grew up on Brunswick stew. I may not know much, but I know how Brunswick Stew is supposed to look and taste. So whenever I see Brunswick stew on a menu up here, I have to order it. I’ve been disappointed every time, and most of the time it is something completely wrong which is sacrilegious in my book. It is kind of like most Jambalaya made around here tastes nothing like what it does down in Cajun country.

So imagine my reluctance to order. I think I may have kind of rolled my eyes when I saw it on the menu. But then the stew appeared in front of me. I thought “Huh. It actually looks like Brunswick Stew.” I kind of laughed to myself, convinced it was too good to be true. Then I lifted my large spoon to my mouth and time stood still. I think I relived my entire childhood during that bite. It reminded me of my grandma and her cauldron she used to make Brunswick stew in, stirring it with a boat paddle out on the porch. I had found it. My quest was over.

After I finished my bowl and settled down from my high, I complimented the waiter and told him about how and why I love Brunswick Stew. Low and behold, the first words out of his mouth was “Well our Chef, who makes all the recipes, is from Georgia”. That sealed the deal. I love that place.
Gregory Scott 8/8/2013
This place surprised me with great bbq and great live music!! A cool spot indeed!

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