Berenjenas la Taberna


Brunch, Lunch, Dinner


Appalachian Grown
Full Bar
Best of WNC 2012 Winner

Local Buzz

Zon 8/14/2013
Probably the best restaurant in AVL. Been there 4 times and was blown away each time.
Murphy von Chikrick 8/11/2013
I have been underwhelmed each of the three times I have eaten at Curate. Will return only if forced. There are easily a dozen Asheville restaurants more delicious, innovative, and deserving.
Amy Schoeny 8/9/2013
Currently my favorite restaurant! The 'galician style octopus' is my favorite item on the menu... my past experiences with octopus always seemed bland, chewy and not very interesting, but this melts in your mouth! The presentation of every plate is soo beautiful and artistic! The menu is hard to follow, so request a 'servers tasting' at your first visit... they ask you questions about your preferences and bring you out a perfect combination of items to try. If you like everything, tell them you want the most adventurous tasting items and you'll love it! It's a great place to go for a special occasion, they have a special treat for the guest of honor :).

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