Rezaz Restaurant


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Nancy T. 8/15/2013
Rezaz was the first place in Asheville to serve Gelato which I became addicted to in Florence (Italy, not SC). Presentation is always beautiful and the food is always excellent. I've never had a bad dining experience at Rezaz & take out of town guests there to share the love. The only drawback is the location and parking.
Elizabeth 8/9/2013
I had originally saved this restaurant for a nice dinner out, but have been thrilled to add it to my favorite lunch spots. Something for everyone without being boring. Comfortably elegant with an adventurous flair.
Genna Harris 8/7/2013
This is one of my favorite upscale dining experiences in the Asheville area. Love the seasonal nature of the menu, and they definitely do not skimp on portion sizes. Staff is always extremely knowledgeable, and I have always been pleased with any recommendations I've been given. There is a private room in the back of the Enoteca that is great for larger groups.

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